Self-Propelled Trolleys

Small Footprint, Large Capacity

The self propelled trolley consists of a front rotating traction car and a pair of fixed rear trolleys. It is designed to move heavy machinery easily and safely with the capability of rotating 360 under the machinery being moved. All the trolleys are safely controlled by remote control or auxiliary control with cable. Its small footprint is remarkable in relation to the weight capacity it can handle and it’s maneuverability. When you look at the price you can not get a piece of equipment even close that can safely and easily move this much weight.  


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Advantages of OX Worldwide Self-Propelled Trolley

  • Small footprint meets great capacity
  • Capacities from 15-200 ton
  • Fixed rear trolleys, like a rear axle of a truck
  • Supports large loads with multiple wheels
  • Very low height
  • Move loads in a tight diameter, rotating plate with free rotation 360 degrees
  • Rotates under the machine being moved
  • Radio controlled or auxiliary control with cable 


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