Rolling Tarp

Rolling Tarp

Load and unload. Fast.


Hoffman Industrial Co. (rigging/machinery moving) added to its fleet a step deck trailer equipped with a rolling tarp system. In a matter of seconds the system can quickly and effortlessly be opened and closed.


We are the first and only rigging/machinery moving company in our market with a rolling tarp system. Working from the trailer's deck or alongside on the ground, one person can operate the system in a couple of minutes. Walk tarp closed, tension the tarp, lower the flap door and depart…it's that easy.

The tracks and vertical members are slightly cantilevered outside a trailer's edges, so loads as wide as the trailer’s bed can be hauled. A rolling tarp completely eliminates the handling of individual tarps and reduces the need to climb onto and off of a trailer, making injuries less likely. Traditional tarping is dirty, messy, time consuming and dangerous.


Notice the professional appearance and superior protection of your asset from the elements. Our drivers on the other hand appreciate the ability to easily unload, load and tarp without ever leaving the ground. 


Why did we make this significant investment?



Reduces physical stress for employees.  With this system our employees stay on the ground while we open and close the system. No climbing on and off the trailer numerous times. They do not have to sling heavy material across a load. 



Customers are happy loads are not touched by a tarp. Tarps are dirty, messy or torn exposing your asset to the elements. The system transforms our step deck trailer into a fully covered weatherproof unit. It effortlessly and quickly glides over the load without ever touching your asset. Saves you time and money by speeding up operations.


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